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September 3, 2012


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We are coming to Middle East Comic Con!! (MEFCC)

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 2:45 AM
New updates!

I am coming over to MEFCC in Dubai this weekend with my studio partners Kendrick and Kai. It is very exciting to meet up with friends and fans of the Middle East. We will be selling Art Prints, event sketches, and connecting with other artistic folks. See you there! :)

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For those who wanna know a little bit more about me, you can find the interview here:…

Written by :iconthunderstatement: <--- Thank you!
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LynthaTye Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012

I have a couple of questions:

1) Will you be charging for autographs? I'm bringing my Birds of Prey #0.
2) Are there going to be prints of the SuperGirl that is at the NYCC Charity Auction? Depending on the starting bid, I may be interested in buying a print.


Linda Thai
Artgerm Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist

1)My autograph is not free. For payment, you need to say Hello and Shake my hand and smile. :)

2)Nope I am not printing that Supergirl unfortunately.

Looking forward to see you!
Never--Sleep Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
Cool, it will be awesome to meet you in the flesh after so many years of you popping into my chat here and there:)
joegaranger Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
I'd love to see:
New Batgirl 12
Loark Fairy
Wonder Woman Return
Batgirl Issue 9
Thanks, keep making great art!
Smilly7 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
I'm going what will you have available and how much
SibyllaStGermain Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
My husband I will be there Friday! I'm was originally going to see BROM, but every day there are more and more reasons to go! Now there's your art too. :)

Two questions: What size and price will your prints be? (I need to save up $$$ before we go) and are ALL of your prints available for purchase? Here on dA some are offered and some are not...and before I ask for them I want to be sure I pick only those not offered here if necessary. :)

Artgerm Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there. I am glad u are coming over to NYCC. I will be selling the art prints at $20 each. Only a small collection of my art will be sold there, in limited quantity of cos. Anything you are looking for in particular?
SibyllaStGermain Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
And its very possible that my husband may buy a few pieces. He likes buxom women, and you have some gorgeous girls in your gallery. :)
SibyllaStGermain Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
I'm REALLY interested in your Samurai Spirit pieces...specifically Musou, Veneance, and Aura. I also love your Drow Ranger, Windrunner, and Lina, but have a lot of art in that genre and none of Samurai, so I can save those for another time. :) I wish I had more money, but I have to watch my budget.

What size will they be?
DarkFoot Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
Hi I will be at NYCC on Sat. Will your group be selling any books? (Maybe the Pepper Project?.. [link]) Or perhaps this print.. ([link])?

Looking forward to meeting you, I'm a long time fan, 8D!
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