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Sat Dec 18, 2004, 7:29 AM
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    For Closeups of the designs, use this… Priced affordably @ US$21 (excluding shipping) Shipping fees: Pls refer to   Look into the shipping tab. :) The shipping price will be cheaper when qty increases. Shipment takes about 10-14 working days after payment.

Purchase Now

S i n g a p o r e S h o p p e r s

Anthro | 16A Lorong Mambong (Holland Village)

In.Surge | #03-91 Far East plaza | #03-01 HJK Queensway Shopping Centre

Ig's Heaven | #B1-38 Citylink  Mall | #B1-29 Parkway Parade

[ P e p p e r P r o j e c t ] >…
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IllustratedEye Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011  Professional Photographer
damn :( looks like the tshirts arn't for sale anymore? :(
Edberg Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I'd love to have one...but don't have a card, so can only pay by "cash on delivery" :O_o: ...pity
MintChocolatePanda Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2005
Never decided to update and make the happiness girl (04) on a girly tee? :( I want one! Even though internationally, the price wouldn't be so hot...
khizarmalik Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2005
oh wow! 21 US???? im from canada, give me a break! lol;) i'd appreciate if someone could buy me this...but who??? i mean 21 canadian is enough to get 3 full dinners!(here in Canada of course)
Trueno Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2005
hmmm, the only problem with having pepper projet t-shirts is there are so many different peppers to chose from... everyone has their favorite, maybe a t-shirt specific one might be the best route to go...
like the triple freedom shirts, ahh but it's a dilemma... i like the designs but hate white t-shirts... any chance of you doing those on black tees???
maybe i'll just opt for getting one of the others...
M-Thomson Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005
I commented ages ago saying I'd buy one of these some day as they are VERY reasonably priced, but unfortunately the shipping to Europe is almost the same price as the shirt itself. Have you perhaps considered cheaper forms of postage? I'll hang onto the URL for when I weigh up how feasable a purchase it'd be, as I really do love Double Happiness' design, but for now I'd perhaps be a little unwilling to pay such high shipping on clothing. :(
venetta Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005
hey is the shop in queensway close for indefinitely? i want to buy the t-shirt and i went to the queensway one twice and it's always close.
Artgerm Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
hmm...that's weird. Well you can try the one at Far East Plaza called Insurge. They open after 2pm. :)

Thanks for your interest of getting the tees.
venetta Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005
ok thanks
AzureFeather Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
Heya i have a question about your artwork.

I really like it and i was thinking of moving into using paintitng and airbrushing on photoshop ect. So far iv only tryed if with a mouse and it was ok. Do you use a tabel and if so what sort?
Artgerm Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Yes I am using Wacom tablet for my digital painting.
AzureFeather Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
AzureFeather Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005


Neways thanx jenn
leholiday Featured By Owner May 25, 2005
i'm in love with the double happiness girl...i hope to purchase that soon! ^_^

do you have anymore shirts in your store?
green-tea Featured By Owner May 24, 2005   Traditional Artist
random question but..

is that you modeling for the shirts? :D
KariNeko Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005
Too bad they're too $$$ for I only wear smalls... ;_;
rdx86 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
Wow! The Double Happiness T-shirt is wickedly awesome :)
Do you have any long sleeve T-shirts? I'd buy them by the truckload if you do! I'm serious.It's just so hard for me to find decent long sleeve T's here in Singapore.
sabresatsu Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2005
why not have a pepper girl t-shirt design accompainied by ani sq?
Popstar Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2005
omg, so cool! I might actually buy one when I get paid :D

Could you show us all how you made that "bill line effect"!!! Its so cool!!
retroid Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2005
Any chance of any new colours?

Such as 02 in black?
TwilightBorn Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2005
hehe I wanna get one!
evcfenix Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2005
those are huge sizes. and dont mena to be some sort of party pooper but the words 'double happiness' sounds kinda cheesy and reminds me of mcdonald's or some fast food ad or that chinese show.
Wurmfist Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2005
Only problem is, since all us westerns are fat (US), there are very few of us who want a medium T-Shirt. If if I was a only a small size I would probably want a large (western size) T-Shirt.
kls Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005   Photographer
is there black tees for the triple freedom series?
Artgerm Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
sorry pal...i dun have those in black.
mboubou Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2005   Writer
I second the nomination for girl-style tees. Your designs are fantastic, but laying down that much for a shirt (well-worth it for the design!), I'd want it to fit perfect. So small girl tees please!
AwaitTheFallen Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2005
I THIRD! theyre so pretty, is there a reason theyre only in guy sizes?
sarahmichele07 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2004
wow!! they turned out awesome!! i just wanted to let you know that i was shopping at a store in a mall in kuala lumpur and i saw some of your merchandice! hehe i was dancing around in the store telling my sister i watch the guy that made this. hehehe. just thought it was really cool.
erisdoll Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2004
Will there be sizes that are smaller in the future ? like baby tees versions for O3? :D
lu-da-chris Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2004
M?!?!?!!? who the hell is small enuff to fit in a Medium lol jack that shit up to xl or dubble xl and you got a deal.
sapphire-pyro Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
I want one but I don't have money . . . . . .:cries:
harmonic-dimensia Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2004
JFlorance Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2004
I like them, might get one once the christmas rush (and bills) are past... assuming you don't run out of them.

What is it the little text says? I've hurt my eyes trying to read it. Is it a definition of Freedom and Happiness?
MayYeo Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2004  Professional Filmographer
The black ones are so cool!
UltimateJ2K Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2004
"The digital pimp hard @ work..."
Switch, The Matrix
pbox Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2004
Triple Freedom,
Double Happiness

01 02 03 04 05


Not too convinced about the huge numberings on each T thou.
although i find your last T could be a 'Single _____' you know,
a limited edition one. haha!

brighteyezdesignz Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004  Student General Artist
hey, if you're collecting them or just curious, i finished your pepper xmas lineart ^_^

cute shirts btw ^^
stanmx Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
wow... looks very awesome :O
InsertNickHere Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
Whoa niceee... (^^) Never thought 1 colour design could look this good!

Love the way you laid them out too!
Sablelieger Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
Cool Shirts; I would love to see your characters in them too; specially Pepper. :w00t:
ayanami-rei Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa

the best deal with shipping is to buy 2 t-shirts :shurg:
CookieSoul Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
awesome tees. The design is very inspiring.
IgnitE-B18 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004   Digital Artist
I want to buy one for my brother for NewYears!!! I hope I can cough up enough cash, those are too awesome
Pi-me Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
I guess i dont say much towards your stuff enough but I do agree with some of the other deviants that maybe part of your pepper series could spawn a pepper line of tee designs.

Love your work. It's an inspiration when i need it. keep it up :D

- Doug:)
CrisVector Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
Graeat T-Shirts......I would love to see Peeper in some T-Shirts...:)
TREATStyles Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
dope stuf man
nekomimi-ruri Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the designs. I think it would be really awesome if you had girl-style tees instead of just the normal men's tees =)
M-Thomson Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
Wow, #02 is looking great. Now, $33 for the shirt and shipping.... that's not actually all the bad a price at all, but not one I can afford this close to Christmas, I'm afraid. Rest assured, you have a potential customer.

And for the record, I'd like to back the response for pepper shirts. The girl rocks, man. ^^
AwaitTheFallen Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
goodness...i do love these designes...i would love one...i hope i can afford one. im broke right now...
fairyp Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
You can bet your ass that I'll be buying one of these :)

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