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August 3, 2007
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X-Men Together - Steps by Artgerm X-Men Together - Steps by Artgerm
sketch (45mins) -> Lineart (1.5hr) -> Grayscale (2hrs) -> Final colouring (3hrs)

All steps done in Painter.

Sometimes I paint in grayscale, sometime not. Depending on the final style I want. But it is relatively easier to get the good tonal values when painting in grayscale. :)
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This is great! Thank you for showing the steps of this amazing painting.
its really great!!!
how did you go from grayscale to color? i am trying it but it all just seems to wash out and loose the drastic contrast between the light and dark areas.
Pure Awesomeness!!!!
wait wat is painter...
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Pr5cious Aug 30, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Great!!! I love it!
loki909 Feb 12, 2010
did you do this completley digital? im just curious about how you sketched and inked it. superb piece by the way.. just beautiful!
b-r-o-w-n Oct 17, 2009  Student
I love it! I started learning PS treatment recently, I hope for it once I get onto a level like this :)
I must say thanks, I myself like many others, is still developing my art skills to one day soon be able to produce a similar image, but many people do not seem to take the time or want to share the knowledge with others who are not on the same talent/skill level as themselves. I guess it is obvious from your pages of complements, I am gratefull.
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