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July 12, 2004
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Rougly ChunLi by Artgerm Rougly ChunLi by Artgerm
Some of my visitors requested a ChunLi fanart from me. Since she is my favourite female street fighter girl, I am very pleased to do one for her. :)

This is just a sketch, for those who wanna see the before & after thingy. I will post the final painting once it is done.

Pencil sketch on paper.
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XxKiOsUkExX Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2008
how do you paint your pics? WOW i like your Pics^^
I have your bi Chun Li pic as wallpaper on my desktop. Is that ok?^^
ultranegro254 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2008
as previously stated chun-li's ass is supposed 2 be everyone stop bitchin!!! u can draw her like a fuckin stick if u want....he drew her exactly like shes supposed 2 look.

once again excellent work!!!!
andreayehp Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2008
I LOVE your art :#1: , I thought you just posted your work, but then I read your message about this picture... so you also do fan art... it seems you like CAPCOM charactes more than SNK... :depressed:
Stygians-Fool Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2008  Professional General Artist
I like her "HUGE" hips and butt -__-;; Because true-- she's always been like that.
And seeing both the final and the sketch, I'd have loved if you didn't reduce her butt size in the end cause of the people who don't like big butts O.o But still, lovely work. I do adore your drawings and Chun Li OWNS :heart:
iRonyC Featured By Owner May 14, 2007
I've seen the final, but...I like them both. I like Chun Li
butu-spice Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2007  Student
why is everyone bashing on her assets? thats just chunli. yes, her head is a little too small but i think that proper colour will take your eyes away from the size of her head. this an excellent lineart, very clean and crisp. excellent attention to detail, like the muscles, her expression is classic..
ShotokanTuning Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2007
Nice work, the lines flow nicely.

Her right arm really strengthens the pose. The neck needs some work though.

I love the stance, playful and yet athletic.
4Emperors Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2006
The definition is defenetly there. :fav:
eduardofrench Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2005   Photographer
rougly?? LOL I would like to draw that "rougly" :eyepopping:
millena Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2004
she looks a bit small , i mean that her head is smaller than the rest
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