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Pepper Dance by Artgerm Pepper Dance by Artgerm
That's how Pepper dance in the ballroom. I wanted to draw her in black and white, no greys. :)

Done in Painter. 1.5hrs. No ref.

Edit: Edited the layout for DA print.
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licemar13 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2009
simple lines, love the movement of the pic, and the mood in her face
Clydo Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008
I saw this pic a long time ago, and never faved it. However, this has to be my favorite vector drawing of all time.
dfw-boy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008
great work!!
The-Artieful Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008
one of the best pepper pieces in your gallery!
awesome stuff
Czathero Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2008  Hobbyist
Lovely style of work. :D
Gipall Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008  Student
wow, it's awsome
the-cloud Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2008
this is just amazing... this is fantastic...
i think you were thinking to someone you know, while drawing this... or probably you were simply drawing the woman of your dreams... i don't know, but i definitely love the stile of this... you've been able to catch one moment of her dance... just drawing the shadows, leaving to the fantasy, or just in mistery, the lights, and doing so, you just gave her that shining light, and that fascinating look...

really really great... i'm amazed...
torngemini Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it!
Oole4kaO Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2007
like it
its very nice
Heathermcleay Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2007
I LOVE IT! Wonderful!!!!
antiquelace27 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
I love the motion in this Piece I can almost feel the breeze of her skirt, very nicely done.
isantana1021 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2007
really really nice. you should draw her in a latin ballroom dance
nossan Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2007
nice ! love the space and the use of lines. awesome comp bro ! ;)
CinemaRain Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2007  Student Filmographer
sarahpatrick Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
Wow... i like the way she pose..
love ur artwork
TaipeiSS Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
:) Gorgeous. Swish.
azevinho Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2007   Photographer
xXhotaruXx Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006
I love the motion conveyed!
xMEGALOPOLISx Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2006  Professional Photographer


pedro-is-love Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2006
*stares with awe* great work!
kit-su-ne Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this kind of art!:wow:
LeBoudier Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2006
i love the simplicity of detail xx
Gabby2 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2006
This is my favorite pepper-ism.

please please publish that book you talk about in your achieveable dream section, i'd buy it in a second.

you're so talented!
crabgirl Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2006  Student
I love the black on white and the movement is just divine! i love it. Just so beautiful.
Moownique Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
PlymouthFury Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting style the black and white was a good choice I think
Twosmokingbarrels Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2006   Writer
very, very good! I love that there is just black/white in greys, as you intended!
midniteskye Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I love how the lines you create all seem to work together, and how you did that in painter is amazing, i can't work that programto save my life, i looove it <3
Shortkid Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006
Neato. I love the feeling of movement in this picture!! :+fav:
clarity14 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2006
wonderful :heart:
Raspberry-Tea Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2006
I love this lines, great expression. :) And the composition.
Bldg88 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006   Photographer
she is very elegant and graceful, the black and white solids play with one another as she waltzes through another song of the blues:XD: sweet scene, got me thinking of a jazzy Sunday
couleur Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2005
... You can dance-every dance with the guy
Who gives you the eye,let him hold you tight
You can smile-every smile for the man
Who held your hand neath the pale moon light
But don't forget who's takin' you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin' save the last dance for me

Oh I know that the musics fine
Like sparklin' wine,go and have your fun
Laugh and sing,but while we're apart
Don't give your heart to anyone
But don't forget who's takin' you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin' save the last dance for me

Baby don't you know I love you so
Can't you feel it when we touch
I will never never let you go
I love you oh so much

You can dance,go and carry on
Till the night is gone
And it's time to go
If he asks if you're all alone
Can he take you home,you must tell him no
'Cause don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darling,save the last dance for me

'Cause don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darling,save the last dance for me
Save the last dance for me
Save the last dance for me.

Michael Buble - Save the last dance for me
przemekrostek Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2005
looks like some `50s comic sketch, really brilliant.
przemekrostek Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2005
looks like some `50s comic sketch, really brilliant.
solsnake Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005   Writer
Great sense of movement, very stylish.
Nice piece.
pocketCRUMB Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2005   Filmographer
Beautiful movement and line. Your stuff is excellent.

beyond-blue Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2005
lovz it to
its cool all the girls in your pics r wearing head phones
ShaQueeny Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2005
Amazing. You are, just sublime.....I must, must watch you! Absolutely gorgeous, miniamilist feel, she just looks so fluid, beautiful...:heart:
SCARLETbellowing Featured By Owner May 31, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
This is incredible. So much movement.
Villion Featured By Owner May 31, 2005
very very good. i feel her dance! :dance:
modtichu Featured By Owner May 30, 2005
your galery is wonderfull and I love this picture... congratulation !! :clap:
Artistic8Torture Featured By Owner May 16, 2005
Oh wow... I love the fluidity of the dress. Very nice! I'm a big fan of black and white paintings, digital or other wise :D
MrEclectic Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2005
I absolutely love the energy and sinuous nature of your linework here!
chrizcruz Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2005  Professional Photographer
Your artwork is something i have been trying to look for. It is very hard to find artworks that has beautifull strokes as yours.

By the way, your works look very familiar. I think some of your works are published sin some books alrady. Correct?

I will watch for more of your stuff. :worship:
NePtOoNZ Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2005
excellent work, i love how made line more curvy.
dumbcube Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2005
loserchick Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2005
thats awesome.
the lines are so fluid and swirly..
pbox Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2005
i think if this was a papercut out then it will be sooo brilliant!
then i buy! haha!
AnnT33k Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
I love the fluidity of this image. Astounding!
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