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July 16, 2004
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Magic of love by Artgerm Magic of love by Artgerm
Ok, here is another collab work me and Kai ukitakumuki during he internship with me. It is done for a Musical/Magic Show as the theme image for the show - Magic of Love.

The musical is about a magician father and daugther, which the father devoted all of his time in chasing fame and recognition, neglecting the love of the daughter. Worst still, fearing his daughter may outshine him on the stage. Of cos it is a happy ending eventually. :)

Anyway, I've posted 2 initial paintings together with the final one, to show how we came to the final rendition. The 2 initial drawings are done by Kai solely (left is the first draft, right is the second draft). I took over only after the client approved the second draft. Basically I just made some refinements here and there, mainly the faces.

Again, it is a fun experience as we learn from each other. :)
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iony Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
That's amazing! The tear running down her cheek is a great focal point.
gogirlanime Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
Wonderful!!!! A great piece of fine art you have here! It's very symbolic too, in my mind it looks like the woman is giving her heart out to him, but all he cares about is fame and fortune! Love it, tis beautiful
Xscreamer Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhhhhh! the best!
Urukiel Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
aaaargh!!! this is great!!! :D
wataame Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
I am in complete awe
ghettofs Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
its too bad you ditched the hat...that was a kickass hat...reminded me of some olden time movie like casablanca or something...good piece non the less...actually, excellent piece
MysticFaerie Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
I think I like the colors more in the first draft, I probably would have chosen that one, but the final image came out beautifully nonetheless!
DeviWarchild Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004  Professional Filmographer
very nice...
but i do prefer the color scheme of the upper left piece.. it's more contrasty.. dark but still warm. just a thought.

great job.
Libraes Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
AXE187GRIDER Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
translation: it looks much more bland after the BG change
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