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April 18, 2006
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Imaginary Soul Calibur by Artgerm Imaginary Soul Calibur by Artgerm
This is a quick view of one of our great IFS projects - Soul Calibur III Collectible Game Cards, produced by Sabertooth Games. All of the artworks on the cards are created by our studio. We actually did a few hundred cards for them, so what u see here is just a small portion of it. Overall, we enjoy the project tremendously, it was fun and rewarding, and we are playing SC3 on our PS2 all day long! It feels good to work and play at the same time. :)

First series of the cards are now available in the stores, so go grab some and support IFS!

You can also find out more about the product at this [link] OR order the cards online at this [link]

________________________________________ ____________________

SOULCALIBUR 3 2006 Namco Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Namco Holding Corp.
Sabertooth and the Universal Fighting System and their respective logos are either TM / Sabertooth Games, Inc. 2006. All Rights Reserved.
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fwaem Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
wow this is cool!
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Psychotime Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Oh yeah, I heard of this. They got Street Fighter, Samurai Showdown, Darkstalkers, even Penny Arcade of all things!
logatfer Featured By Owner May 30, 2007
I have no idea thats exists! Im a vicious of soul calibur! Where it is selled?
mxmx Featured By Owner May 25, 2007
How many people were working on this project and how long did one card on average take?

your a great painter....
Pionfou Featured By Owner May 12, 2007
I WANNA DIE!! :dead:
SuprMushy Featured By Owner May 24, 2007
good for you
Pionfou Featured By Owner May 27, 2007
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SuprMushy Featured By Owner May 27, 2007
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Pionfou Featured By Owner May 28, 2007
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& I was able to die because there is a lot of pieces here & I can't see them all cause :rage: THEY ARE TOOOOOOOOOOoooo SMALL :tears: & ALSO MADE WITH A VERY HIGH QUALITY & I'm... toooooooooooooo far to make something like them ; so... I wan't to Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiE :cries:
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