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July 11, 2005
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IMAGINE - The Art of IFS by Artgerm IMAGINE - The Art of IFS by Artgerm
Hi fellow Deviants!

Some of you may be aware of a few of us coming together to form a studio thingy. Well as our very first project, we’ve gathered some of our favorite personal pieces and are in the process of printing a very limited edition launch portfolio artbook - IMAGINE:

The 128 page artbook features more than 20 artists from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and friends from the USA. Deviants among them include:

Because we really wanted to do these great works justice, we’ve gone for quality rather than quantity in the face of a limited budget. And how! We’re doing 600 dpi printing! Yes you heard it here- 600 dpi!!! That’s better than most commercial artbooks and even DA prints! Quantities are really limited though!

Do help support our humble little first project or if you simply love the fantastic work these great artists are producing and wanna purchase a copy for purely selfish reasons.
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WOOP WOOT! I just got my copy. So smooth and professional looking. Incredible quality. Loving the variety. It was well worth it. Thanks IFS!
MOtero Jul 25, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
hello. nice.
Good GOD I need a job. All of artists you've got listed in that journal are people I really really admire, and I'd love to get this book. *bookmarks ordering site so she can get a copy when she has money*
Erm.. not journal, comment. XD
i gots me copy, and I love it - kickass art, and beautiful quality - signed too ^_^ thanx for the awesome art, and next book you release, Ill get that too ^_^
i'll try to get myself a copy a.s.a.p :P
great works... great mag...
MattJWood Jul 21, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Hey good luck with the studio. That is awsome!! I will have to pick up one of them art books all of you guys have beutiful art
and is it just pictures, or does it tell something about the artists and the thoughts behind the artworks aswell?
We only have a short description of the tools used for each piece (we wanted to maximize the space given to the artworks). However, we did profiles on each of the artists and a page on how they approached their craft :)
it will last a couple of weeks right?,,, i get money next week =)
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